Mansory New Carbon Kit for Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This is Mansory’s kit for a regular G-Class, not the AMG or the 4×4.
The style of the front bumper is similar to the one used by the AMG factory kit. Two strips of LEDs can be seen at the bottom of the spoiler, mirrored by the accessory lights perched on top of the windshield.


Mansory says that the kit can be fabricated from clear-coated carbon fiber, a fact that’s clearly visible on the custom hood. Door handles, mirror housings, headlight pannels – everything is customizable.

As for the wheels, the tuner offers 21-, 22- and 23-inch alloys. At the rear Mansory couldn’t resist adding its name to the carbon fiber spare wheel cover. A yellow wing towers over the boxy SUV, while the skirt adds a bit of sporty appeal.

The base car is a G63 but Mansory says it can tweak the engine to deliver 840 hp and a whopping 1,150 Nm of torque.



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