Franca Sozzani: Vogue Italia, Editor in Chief Dies at 66

Franca Sozzani, the iconic, longtime editor in chief of Vogue Italia, passed away after a yearlong illness on Thursday, December 22, at the age of 66. She was the  editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia since 1988.

Born in Mantua, Italy, Sozzani began her prolific career in 1976 at Vogue Bambini, working her way up the ranks at Condé Nast. She also served as the editorial director of Condé Nast Italy, and was the ambassador to fashion for the United Nations, as Newhouse noted. She was on a mission around the world to bring support to the fashion world and the people behind it in places like Africa, Asia and regions beyond the usual fashion venues.

In her UN role she also joined the fight against hunger in poor countries and helped raise awareness of the issue along with money.

On December 5, Tom Ford presented Sozzani with the Swarovski Award for Positive Change at the Fashion Awards 2016 in London. Sozzani leaves behind one son, Emmy Award–nominated director Francesco Carrozzini.



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